Building the future of medicine with our interpretable reasoning AI and multilayer data

Our interpretable hybrid AI platform applies prior biological knowledge
to patients and clinical data to select, optimize, and design therapies.
Turing Biosystems is capable of leveraging multiple layers of data such as
multiomics data, microbiomes, diets, and clinical data to optimize therapies.

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What we do

Turing Biosystems tackles the problems of high failure rates and high toxicity in immunotherapy and cell & gene therapy.

Our software platform integrates clinical and biological data to analyse patient responses to therapy and design better treatments. The platform is based on a new kind of interpretable AI, built on modern hardware and using automated reasoning. Our platform is able to integrate all types of multimodal data and information available on a patient or a cohort, such as metadata, health records, multi-omics (epigenomics to metabolomics), tissue and imaging data, public data and prior knowledge to inform the analysis. Our AI is designed to focus on clinical outcomes optimization to improve the safety and efficacy of therapies for patients, clinicians, and biopharma.

Automated reasoning is an area of computer science research that seeks to reproduce human reasoning and thought processes. Our AI doesn’t just assess patient data: it can provide an evidence chain for the conclusions it reaches. This empowers scientists and clinicians in their decision-making: they can evaluate the AI’s justification for its recommendations using their own knowledge and real-world experience.

We collaborate with leading clinicians, and are negotiating pilot programs with leading European gene therapy and pharma companies.

Our vision

Fundamentally, our job is to break down and manage complexity. This may be clinical (helping clinicians design better treatments with stronger patient responses), or biological (helping biopharma companies engineer better drugs with more positive clinical outcomes). Our technology is designed to analyze and model complex interactions of biological systems with external factors.

Human diversity results in different responses to therapies. Unfortunately, many therapies on the market or in clinical trials are not tested on a diverse set of patients. Many are barely tested, or not at all, on women, people of diverse ethnic origins, or different social backgrounds. We believe that focusing on the biology of individuals and groups, using real-world data, can help solve these issues of bias and manage the diversity in therapy response.

Clinicians, biopharma, and patients all need three things: the right drugs, for the right people, at the right time.

Our values

Integrity, Diversity, Inclusivity

Integrity: We value the culture at the root of the microcomputer revolution, as seen in organisations like the Homebrew Computer Club of the 1970s, where hardcore software and hardware engineering were celebrated and pursued with a deep optimism for human progress via technology and science. We believe in the importance of strong mathematics and computation principles, combined with a grounded, humble approach that recognises the complexity and richness of biology itself.

Diversity: We value the immense variety of human genotypes, phenotypes, psychologies, and experiences. Our purpose in aiming to engineer biological systems is not to minimize, “optimize”, or “fix” the human animal, but rather to make it possible for every person, in every body, to live their fullest life.

Inclusivity: Inclusivity in hiring and company culture is essential to our mission. Without a wide array of voices and perspectives, we cannot hope to provide a truly personalized—and therefore truly valuable—approach to clinical treatment. We believe in the social model of disability and are committed to accommodations for all staff, clients and collaborators. We are an equal opportunities employer and dedicated to fighting racism, homophobia, transphobia, and prejudice in all its forms.

Our partners

We like to think of Turing Biosystems’ AI as an assistant, not as an oracle. Our platform is designed for clinical use, returning decision-making power to the doctors who use it. Associations with French and British healthcare institutions are at the heart of our business, and we are actively seeking more collaborators.

Turing Biosystems is driven by the desire to improve efficiency and effectiveness in drug discovery. We are pleased to partner with leading biopharma companies in Europe and the UK, and are enthusiastic about expanding our industry links.

We are proud to be supported by industry leaders in venture capital and biotechnology investment. Our investors include Creator Fund, January Ventures, and Another.VC


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