Building the future of medicine with hybrid AI and multilayer data

Our interpretable hybrid AI platform applies prior biological knowledge
to patients and clinical trial data to select, optimize, and design therapies.
Turing Biosystems is capable of leveraging multiple layers of data such as
microbiomes, diets, omics data, and clinical data to optimize therapies.

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The power of hybrid AI

for precision medicine

The combined explosion of patients data and the growing understanding of the microbiome impact on human health are completely shifting the paradigms in healthcare and medicine. The complex interplay between the human organism, the microbiota, and the environment creates unique conditions for each individual. These conditions play a major role on human health and on the response of individual patients to different therapies. The unique Turing Biosystems platform manages and analyses the complexity of biological systems by bringing together multiple layers of biological knowledge and patients data.

Our platform combines prior knowledge on human and microbiome organisms, together with patients omics data, microbiome data, patients information, and clinical data. Our interpretable hybrid AI platform combines automated reasoning and machine learning to analyse and link multi-layers of data. The platform can identify groups of patients, with associated biomarkers, and biological differences susceptible to change response to therapies. Our platform can also help in optimizing or designing treatments by identifying key response factors in the biological systems or new biological targets.

Our first niche is in immuno-oncology. With a unique clinical trial analysis on immune checkpoint inhibitors (multi-omics data and clinical metadata). As well as analysis of large cohort studies on early cancer diagnosis with immune and microbiome biomarkers discovery.

Our vision is to have our hybrid AI platform to handle any biological or clinical data and relate these data to each other to discover novel insights from the data and design biological systems to deliver personalized interventions and treatments to patients.


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